GENERATOR-TESTER for the pulse  width  modulator control circuits SG3525 & similar pinout ICs WITH VISUAL CONTROL PWM-TEST3525

The device is used to test the extremely popular and popular SG3525 chip series. This device will allow you to test so many varieties of chips in this series, with the same pin assignment. Also, the device is a PUSH-PULL PWM signal generator with frequency and duty cycle adjustment. Very often, the cause of a failure of the switching power supply is the failure of the SG3525 chip unit or the fatal damage of the chip by electricity (the chip burned without external signs of damage). How in this case to check the health of a SG325 series chip? Does your SG3525 PWM controller chip work? This task is solved by the PWM TEST3525 device.

In addition, the device allows to detect defective and fake SG3525 chips. Now very often, microcircuits ordered from China are defective or simply fake. For a fake chip, a separate structural unit may not work or, for example, the generation of a PWM signal is not stable. There are even options with the simultaneous switching on of both channels of the PWM controller SG3525, which will lead to a guaranteed exit from the ranks of the expensive and powerful MOSFET transistors, which are controlled by the SG3525 chip.

Therefore, we recommend checking all the chips of the SG3525 series for operability, including completely new ICs. Even original semiconductor integrated circuits, from well-known suppliers, can be damaged by static voltage during transportation. The device PWM-TEST3525 allows you to check the chip simply, quickly and with clear visual control of work. Even without an oscilloscope. With an oscilloscope, you can check the quality and performance parameters. But, usually, visual inspection with the help of light-emitting diodes is enough to assess the performance of the sample chip.

Testing SMD versions of SG3525 series chips

The microchip SG3525 and it analogues can be produced in SMD packages:  16-Lead SOIC (Narrow-usual), 16-Lead SOIC−16L (Wide). Adapter for SMD testing is not included in standard KIT, but you can buy SMD adapters separately, if you plan to test chips not only in DIP package. PWM company can offer IC SMD adapters for SOIC16⇒DIP16.  16-Lead SOIC−16L (Wide) PACKAGE adapter is not available.

The SG3525 chip tester is available in two versions:

    1. The DIY version of the device for self-assembling. This version comes in the form of parts and a set of electronic components for assembling the device. It is necessary to solder the electronic components on the printed circuit board, twist and assemble the details of the device.
    2. The READY version of the device assembled by the PWM company and is ready for use.

 The device's online documentation & manuals

The PWM company provide two manuals for this testing tool at company's website You can find all information using the model name TEST3525:

  1. DIY instructions guide for assembling the components of the circuit board, for testing and using
  2. DIY assembly Guide of enclosures for PWM-TOOLS testers.

 The main functions of the TEST3525 tool:

    1. Popular IC SG3525 series tester
    2. PWM generator with regulated frequency, duty cycle & dead-time
    3. DC output with resettable 4A fuse protection and electronic switch commutation (switch SW1)

Officially supported chips for the testing in DIP16 package

SG3525 SG2525 SG3526 SG3527  KA3525A  NTE1721 UC3525A UC1525 UC1527  UC2525 UC2527 UC3525A. This list can be extended in the future. This testing board allows to test IC in DIP16 package, but using IC package adapter may be tested SMD chips as well. SMD adapter not include in standard equipment.

The testing tool PWM-TEST3525 provide testing of the main blocks of SG3525 series chips:

    1. PWM output generation block test for both channels A & B
    2. Reference voltage (aprox. 5V) generation block test
    3. Shutdown block test
    4. Comparator block test
    5. PWM regulation test
    6. Frequency regulation test
    7. Dead-time regulation test

SG3525 series chips output can be tested in two modes:

    1. visual mode with LED blinking in low frequencies mode (SW2 switch should be pressed ON)
    2. oscilloscope mode, using external oscilloscope

 The testing tool provide push-pull synchronous generator with output A & B with:

    1. regulated frequency
    2. regulated pulse wide modulation
    3. regulated dead time


The AC-DC power adapter is not included. For the powering of the device you can use any DC adapter or any DC power source 10V-20V and with minimum 0.3A output current. The connector type: male DC Power Jack 5.5x2.1mm (DC-005 Jack). Do not exceed 22V input voltage. Power the device from current limited 8A MAXIMUM source & protected from mains for the safety reason.

Device functions 1. Popular IC SG3525 series tester 2. PWM generator with regulated frequency, duty cycle & dead-time 3. DC output with resettable 4A fuse protection and electronic switch commutation (switch SW1)
PCB design's version 2 or 2.1
Device input voltage 10-20V DC. 0.3A MIN. 4A MAX, 8A PEAK MAX
Device output voltage Same as INPUT voltage. With current protection 4A MAX, 8A PEAK MAX
Tested Integrated circuit
Tested chip's description Chip SG3525A is a pulse width modulator in the integrated design. Designed to provide improved performance and reduce the number of external parts when used in the design of all types of switching power supplies. There is a built-in reference voltage source + 5.1 volts with a deviation of no more than ± 1%, and the input range of the common-mode error amplifier includes a reference voltage source, eliminating external resistors. The generator input allows synchronized operation of various devices in tact. One resistor between CT and DISC provides a wide range of dead time (dead time - pause between pulses). The SG3525 also has a built-in soft start circuit, this requires one external capacitor (CSS). The SG3525's output stages can provide output current up to 400 mA (no more than 200 mA is recommended), the output stage circuit allows to connect directly the gates of field-effect transistors due to the small output resistance.
Officially supported chips of tester SG3525 SG2525 SG3526 SG3527 KA3525A NTE1721 UC3525A UC1525 UC1527 UC2525 UC2527 UC3525A
Possible SMD versions of the housing of the microcircuit 16-Lead SOIC (Narrow), 16-Lead SOIC−16L (Wide)

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GENERATOR - TESTER for the pulse width modulator control circuits SG3525 & analogues WITH VISUAL CONTROL PWM-TEST3525

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Supported CHIPS: SG3525, SG2525, SG3526, SG3527, KA3525A, NTE1721, UC3525A, UC1525, UC1527, UC2525, UC2527, UC3525A