The PWM-TESTOPAM1 tester is designed to test the performance and the quality of operational amplifiers for single and dual op-amp circuits of the 741 and 358 series. The device PWM-TESTOPAM1 is made according to an inverted scheme of op-amp with a common point. This is the most popular and most common operational amplifier circuit at the shelter. The input signal is fed to the inverting input, and the non-inverting input is connected to the midpoint.

The device will be useful when checking used, new and possibly not working operational amplifiers of the 741 and 358 series and similar to them by the location of the IC pins (pinout). Why is your device on an op amp not working?  Did the op amp burn out? How to check op-amp Series 741 and 358 chips health? This task is solved by a PWM TESTOPAM1 tester.
Single LM741 & Dual LM358 & similar pinout OpAmps ICs Series IC Tester PWM-TESTOPAM1
The TESTOPAM1 device allows detecting defective and fake chips of the 741 and 358 series and similar ones by pinout. Very often, chips from China are defective or simply fake. With a single and dual tester tester, you can quickly identify fake and defective electronic components.

Testing SMD versions of operational amplifiers

Supported Single & Double OpAmps and it analogues can be produced in SMD packages: 8-Lead SOIC, 8-Lead Micro8,  8-Lead-DSBGA , 8-Pin TO-99 METAL CYLINDRICAL PACKAGE. Adapter for SMD testing is not included in standard KIT, but you can buy SMD adapters separately, if you plan to test chips not only in DIP package. PWM company can offer IC SMD adapters for SOIC8⇒DIP8. 8-Pin TO-99 METAL CYLINDRICAL PACKAGE version of the chip can be tested directly as usual DIP chips without any adapter - you need only to insert pins into the ZIF- socket correctly. Adapters for 8-Lead Micro8 &  8-Lead-DSBGA versions of the chips are not available.

Ideal operational amplifiers in practice

Therefore, we recommend that you check even the new 741 and 358 series chips and the like for operability prior to installation into the device. Even original op-amp integrated circuits can be damaged by static voltage during transportation. The PWM-TESTOPAM1 allows you to check a chip simply, quickly and with visual control. Even without an oscilloscope. With an oscilloscope, you can check the quality and performance parameters. But usually visual inspection with LEDs is enough.

There are no ideal operational amplifiers in practice. There is a very strong limitation on the speed of work at high frequency and on the distortion introduced.  The op-amp must be in active mode, its inputs and outputs must not be overloaded. For example, if an excessively large signal is applied to the input of the amplifier, this will result in the output signal being equal to the saturation voltage (usually its value is less than the supply voltage by 2 V).  Many op-amps have a fairly small maximum allowable differential input voltage. The maximum voltage difference between the inverting and non-inverting inputs can be limited to 5 V for any voltage polarity. If we neglect this condition, then large input currents will arise and op-amp will not work. All these features of the op-amp can be checked with the PWM-PESTOPAM1 tester.

Single and dual single-chip IC tester series 741, 358 series opamps and the like are available in two versions:

    1. The DIY version of the device for self-assembling. This version comes in the form of parts and a set of electronic components for assembling the device. It is necessary to solder the electronic components on the printed circuit board, twist and assemble the details of the device.
    2. The READY version of the device assembled by the PWM company and is ready for use  

The device's online documentation & manuals

The PWM company provide two manuals for this testing tool at company's website http://pwm.company. You can find all information using the model name TESTOPAM1:

  1. DIY instructions guide for assembling the components of the circuit board, for testing and using
  2. DIY assembly Guide of enclosures for PWM-TOOLS testers.


The main functions of the TESTOPAM1 tester:

    1. Popular IC LM741, LM358 & similar pinout operational amplifiers tester. Inverted amplification
    2. On board square PWM generator with regulated frequency & duty cycle
    3. DC output with resettable 4A fuse protection and electronic switch commutation (switch SW1)

Officially supported chips for the testing in DIP8 package

LM741 LM358 NE5532 MC1741 OP07 TA7504 AD741 1040УД1 1053УД2 GL358 NE532 OP04 OP221 OP290 OP295 OPA2237 TA75358P UPC1251C AN6502 IR9358 KA2558 LA6358 NJM2904D. This list can be extended in the future. This testing tool allows to test IC in DIP8 package, but using IC package adapter may test SMD chips as well. SMD adapter not include in standard equipment.

The testing tool provide testing of the LM741 & LM358 series chips:

    1. Operational amplifier testing in Inverting Operational Amplifier Configuration mode.
    2. On board square wave PWM generator  for testing. External signal can be used if on board generator is turned off (with switch SW5)
    3. Low frequency generator allows to test OpAmps visually, using LEDs blinking (switch SW2 ON)

           The OpAmps chips can be tested in two modes:
    1. visual mode with LED blinking in low frequencies mode (SW2 switch should be pressed ON)
    2. oscilloscope mode, using external oscilloscope

         The testing tool provide on board generator with:
    1. Regulated amplification gain for dual channel configuration.
    2. regulated frequency
    3. regulated pule wide modulation

Powering of the tester

The AC-DC power adapter is not included. For the powering of the device you can use any DC adapter or any DC power source 10V-20V and with minimum 0.3A output current. The connector type: male DC Power Jack 5.5x2.1mm (DC-005 Jack). Do not exceed 22V input voltage. Power the device from current limited 8A MAXIMUM source & protected from mains for the safety reason.

Device functions 1. Popular IC LM741, LM358 & similar pinout operational amplifiers tester. Inverted amplification 2. On board square PWM generator with regulated frequency & duty cycle 3. DC output with resettable 4A fuse protection and electronic switch commutation (switch SW1)
PCB design's version 2 or 2.1
Device input voltage 10-20V DC. 0.3A MIN. 4A MAX, 8A PEAK MAX
Device output voltage Same as INPUT voltage. With current protection 4A MAX, 8A PEAK MAX
Tested Integrated circuit
Tested chip's description The operational amplifier 741 (other designations: uA741, μA741) is a universal integrated operational amplifier of the second generation with bipolar transistors. The original μA741 was developed in 1968 by David Fullagar of Fairchild Semiconductor based on the LM101 developed by Bob Widlar. Unlike the LM101, which used an external frequency-correction capacitor, in μA741 this capacitor was made directly on the IC chip. The ease of use of the μA741 and the characteristics perfect for its time contributed to the widespread use of the new scheme and made it a “typical” universal OU. Despite the appearance of significantly better characteristics of similar chips OU 741 and its clones as of today, are still produced by many manufacturers (for example LM741, AD741, К140UD7). The LM358 chip in one package contains two independent low-power operational amplifiers with high gain and frequency compensation. Differs in low current consumption. The feature of this amplifier is the ability to work in circuits with unipolar power from 3 to 32 volts. The output has short circuit protection.
Officially supported chips of tester LM741 LM358 NE5532 MC1741 OP07 TA7504 AD741 1040УД1 1053УД2 GL358 NE532 OP04 OP221 OP290 OP295 OPA2237 TA75358P UPC1251C AN6502 IR9358 KA2558 LA6358 NJM2904D
Possible SMD versions of the housing of the microcircuit 8-Lead SOIC, 8-Lead Micro8, 8-Lead-DSBGA , 8-Pin TO-99 METAL CYLINDRICAL PACKAGE

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Supported CHIPS: LM741, LM358, NE5532, MC1741, OP07, TA7504, AD741, 1040УД1, 1053УД2, GL358, NE532, OP04, OP221, OP290, OP295, OPA2237, TA75358P, UPC1251C, AN6502, IR9358, KA2558, LA6358, NJM2904D