One of the most recommended microcircuit for beginner radio amateurs is the timer 555 microcircuit. Many manufacturers of serious electronics use this microcircuit as well. Therefore, this device PWM-TEST555 can be recommended not only to all novice radio amateurs, but also to students, engineers, repair shops and all electronics enthusiasts. The device performs not only an entertainment and educational function.

Very often, the chip series 555 can fail. Any one block of the microcircuit will be damaged or a fatal damage will occur to the chip by electricity (the chip burned out without external signs of damage). How to check the health of such a chip 555? Why is the 555 timer not working - can it burn out? This task is solved by the PWM-TEST555 device. In addition, the device allows you to detect defective and fake new chip timer series 555. Very often, chips from China are defective or simply fake. For a fake microcircuit a separate unit may not work, or, for example, generation is not stable.

Therefore, we recommend that you check even the new 555 series chips for performance. Even original semiconductor integrated circuits can be damaged by static voltage during transportation. The PWM-TEST555 allows you to check the chip simply, quickly and with visual control. Even without an oscilloscope. With an oscilloscope, you can check the quality and performance parameters. But usually visual inspection with LEDs is enough.

555 timer tester available in TWO versions:

    1. The DIY version of the device for self-assembling. This version comes in the form of parts and a set of electronic components for assembling the device. It is necessary to solder the electronic components on the printed circuit board, twist and assemble the details of the device.
    2. The READY version of the device assembled by PWM company and is ready for use  

  The device's online documentation & manuals

The PWM company provide two manuals for this testing tool at company's website http://pwm.company. You can find all information using the model name TEST555:

  1. DIY instructions guide for assembling the components of the circuit board, for testing and using
  2. DIY assembly Guide of enclosures for PWM-TOOLS testers.

  The main functions of the PWM-TEST555 tool:

    1. Very popular IC NE555 series tester
    2. Simple transistor tester
    3. Regulated frequency & duty cycle generator with BNC connector output
    4. 4A PWM power regulator with direct & reverse output with  DC-005 Jack output

Officially supported chips for the testing in DIP8 package

NE555 TLC555 LM555 LM1455 MC1455P RC555 ICM7555 LC7555 КР1006ВИ1. This list can be extended in the future. This testing tool allows to test IC in DIP8 package, but using IC package adapter may test SMD chips as well. SMD adapter not include in standard equipment.

The testing tool provide testing of the main features of NE555 series chips:

    1. Low, middle & high frequency output with visual output with LEDs blinking
    2. Frequency & duty-cycle regulation.
    3. Visual control of NE555 time working via LEDs on the board

The testing tool provide simple transistor tester based on NE555 timer's circuit for:

    1. Bipolar junction transistor (BJT)
    2. Field-effect transistor  (MOSFET)
    3. Darlington
    4. Insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)

The testing board provide 4A PWM power regulator with direct & inverted output:

    1. Duty-cycle & frequency regulators
    2. Duty-cycle control manage 2 separate channels the direct & inverted at once in anti-phase.

Powering of the device

The AC-DC power adapter is not included. For the powering of the device you can use any DC adapter or any DC power source 10V-20V and with minimum 0.3A output current. The connector type: male DC Power Jack 5.5x2.1mm (DC-005 Jack). Do not exceed 22V input voltage. Power the device from current limited 8A MAXIMUM source & protected from mains for the safety reason.

Device functions 1. Very popular IC NE555 series tester 2. Simple transistor tester 3. Regulated frequency & duty cycle generator with BNC connector output 4. 4A PWM power regulator with direct & reverse output with DC-005 Jack output
PCB design's version 2 or 2.1
Device input voltage 10-20V DC. 0.3A MIN. 4A MAX, 8A PEAK MAX
Device output voltage Same as INPUT voltage. With current protection 4A MAX, 8A PEAK MAX
Voltage converterter NO
Tested Integrated circuit
Tested chip's description 555 - integrated circuit, universal timer - a device for the formation (generation) of single and repetitive pulses with stable temporal characteristics. First released in 1971 by Signetics under the designation NE555. Functional counterparts of the original NE555 are available in a variety of bipolar and CMOS variants. It is used to build various generators, modulators, timers, threshold devices and other electronic components. As examples of IC chip timer, you can specify the functions of digital signal recovery, distorted in communication lines, bounce filters, on-off controllers in automatic control systems, pulse voltage converters, pulse-width control devices, timers, etc.
Officially supported chips of tester NE555 TLC555 LM555 LM1455 MC1455P RC555 ICM7555 LC7555 КР1006ВИ1

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555 timer Series IC Chip Tester PWM-TEST555

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Supported CHIPS: NE555, TLC555, LM555, LM1455, MC1455P, RC555, ICM7555, LC7555, КР1006ВИ1